How can we help with your project?


Concept development

In this stage we present our ideas and solutions to the customer using clearly illustrated presentations. Clarification is given on presented solutions in relation to customers’ requirements.

Communication with involved parties is done as efficient and direct as possible, trough web meetings and presentations.

Product development

Products are engineered at Proven Concepts using Catia-V5 software with customer-specific settings.

We are specialized in automotive parts, such as: body-, interior- and exterior parts. Of course we can also develop non-automotive parts upon requested.

Project management

Information management is the key to successful collaboration.

We have developed our own project management system to assist our team in efficiently realizing projects.


Prototyping metal

Prototyping in metal using different technologies.

Development and production of moulds for metal deep-drawing parts.

We have a wide variety of production techniques available and a vast know-how of prototyping. This enables us to deliver high quality products in various batch sizes.

Prototyping at Proven Concepts means a close cooperation with the customer since
experience gained by prototyping can be of high value for the batch fabrication process.

For that reason you have contact Team Proven Concepts for your proto parts.

Prototyping plastic

We can produce the following plastic prototypes:

  • Polyester
  • Vacuum forming
  • Polyurethane, using silicone moulds
  • Polyurethane, using hardtool moulds
  • Injection moulding of thermoplastics.

We can deliver fully assembled products, for example: fully assembled and painted bumpers.

Polyester & polyurethane parts

Injection moulded thermoplastic parts

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping parts

  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
  • SLS
  • SLA
  • Polyurethane, using silicone moulds

small series

Low volume serie batches

Because of our flexibility in machine occupancy we are also able to produce low volume series.

Especially for cars produced in small series we deliver high quality parts according EDI delivery schedules.


Measuring jigs for prototypes

We produce low-cost jigs for measuring, inspection and assembling prototype parts, according to the Reference Point System (RPS) as specified by the customer.

These jigs are designed in consultation with the customer and allow multiple parts to be measured individually or in assembled state.

Inspection jigs batch components

During batch production, inspection- and measuring jigs are required for quality monitoring.

We develop and produce a wide range of inspection- and measuring jigs. From simple jigs to check product contours using calibers manually, to jigs that perform a complete 100% inspection- and measurement and are fully automated.


Measuring room

Our metrological department ensures the quality of our own products as well as our customers products with our high-tech equipment and software.

We have 2 fully-automated CNC measuring units that allow us to measure large assemblies accurately.




Scanning products is done with our modern GOM equipment, which has several lenses and accuracies.

This hardware allows us to:

  • Reverse engineering products in 3D CAD
  • Accurately measure entire products and generate measurement reports.

3D scanning enables us to evaluate and (if needed) correct the (prototype-) production process in a short time span.



Test- / Evaluation- / Scale- models

We can produce many kinds of models, using a variety of techniques.
These can be sight models or even fully functional models.

Our models are used for design evaluations or functional tests.

Real size models

We can produce models in real size (scale 1:1). Customers use these models for visual accessments, fit & finish and determining ergonomic values.

Our mock-ups contain accurate parts and high-end finish. This means functionally and visually a perfect presentation of your design.


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